Jaime Byrd is a life-long artist and painter, beginning her study in the arts as a young child.  As a constant traveler who has filmed, photographed, and edited projects for many years, Jaime’s passion for the landscape, her instinct for the narrative, and her emotional response to color are foundational aspect of her unique paintings. She uses oil paint to bring texture and contrast while lighting up the scene and the emotions of the viewer with the most vibrant colors. Each image is expansive in perspective, dramatic in color, and yet intimate in the details of place. The compositions offer a kind of drone-eyed view across an open landscape that takes your eye upward to the sky and downward into the layers below.

Her work provokes a sense of imagination and story that are amplified by how some painting comes alive through beautifully augmented reality viewed through an app. The effect is to turn the dramatic colors of the static painting into a layered, playful, and surprising experience of movement and sound. Paintings have their own unique story that comes alive through this technique that combines the tradition of oil painting with the innovation of contemporary technology. 

Jaime’s artwork is part of public and private collections around the globe.