“Living Images”

Augmented Reality artwork exhibition 
Saturday June 5th, 2021 4pm – 7pm with champagne reception  

Works by Jaime Byrd

Exhibition will be at Trackside Studios located at  375 Depot Street, River Arts District, Asheville, NC.

Opening Champagne Reception will be Saturday June 5th from 4pm – 7pm.
The exhibition will be on display from June 5th – June 30th 2021.


Living Images” exhibition is an immersive art experience combining painting, filmmaking, animation, music, and sound design with Augmented Reality (AR) in the Asheville area. Artwork will come to life or tell a special story with motion and sound when viewed with a smart phone or tablet and the free online app, “ARTIVIVE”. Headphones will play an important part in order to have the full immersive experience. 

“These pieces of artwork are a collection that I have worked on over the last year. They reflect the need for being close to nature as well as one another”, said Byrd.  “This current show focuses on calmness, tranquility, and peacefulness. It’s about falling into one of my paintings and spending time in a place where I often go in my own mind – a place where I can relax and relieve anxiety through difficult times. I hope the viewer will be able to experience a similar effect”. 


The AR is included in the purchase of each painting, so viewers can take it home to share and experience it whenever they wish for years to come. Byrd has also put her digital images on the Ethereum blockchain and will offer these digital creations as collectible NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Guests will be able to use their smart phones or tablets with headphones to view the 10-30 seconds of AR by simply downloading the free online app and pointing their camera at one of the paintings. The experience is often exhilarating, fun, and even magical. 

Masks required and Covid safety protocols will be observed.

Remember to bring headphones or earbuds in order to have the full immersive experience! 

Try it now by downloading the ARTIVIVE app, and pointing your phone or tablet camera at the image above.