How Augmented Reality works with my paintings

I’ve merged my love of painting, filmmaking, sound design, and technology into one immersive art experience by creating AR (augmented reality) as part of my physical oil and cold wax paintings. 

My current show, called “Living Images” focuses on calmness, tranquility, and peacefulness. It’s about falling into one of my paintings and spending time in a place where I often go in my own mind – a place where I can relax and relieve anxiety through difficult times. I hope the viewer will be able to experience a similar effect. 

Guests at these exhibitions will be able to use their smart phones or tablets with headphones to view the 10-30 seconds of AR (some include 3D animation) by simply downloading a free app and pointing their camera at one of my paintings. The experience can be exhilarating, fun, and somewhat magical if you haven’t seen it before. 

I’m excited to share these unique pieces of art and hopefully bring something positive into the lives of others. The AR is included in the purchase of each painting, so viewers can take it home and share it while experiencing it whenever they wish for years to come.