WHAT IS AN NFT (Non-fungible Token)?

An NFT is a type of cryptographic token that represents a unique asset. NFTs are tokenized versions of digital or real-world assets. They function as verifiable proofs of authenticity and ownership within a blockchain network. Find out more about digital art and the blockchain.


I will create an NFT animation in the form of a video or GIF from the same physical painting that has either been sold or will be sold through the purchase of the jpg image. With regards to the AR video/animation, in my opinion these are completely different works of art. Through the video/animation process I’m able to create an entirely unique audio-visual experience very different from the physical painting or an image of the painting. Of course, all of these artworks are connected; the painting, the digital image, and the video/animation, but they are all very much unique, independent works of art that together blur the lines between the material and digital art worlds.



With new technology available through NFTs and Augmented Reality (AR), I’m able to merge my talents as a painter, filmmaker, and musician. I am now capable of creating immersive storytelling experiences using my original paintings, sound design, animation, and video footage I’ve created while traveling the world.
My love of the nomadic lifestyle has posed unique challenges for me to create without the benefit of having a physical studio and gallery to represent myself. By creating NFTs, I’m able to travel with my physical artwork (digital copies of my paintings), and then digitally create a derivative that is still linked to the physical piece. This allows me to no longer be tied to my physical art studio location and is now opening up a whole new world for me to create within.
I’m able to create from wherever I’m located and offer my art without the need for people to physically find me or wait for me to arrive back in my art studio.
As the NFT space and world evolves, hopefully my work within it will evolve as well and my journey and history will forever be permanently and immutably documented by being stored on the blockchain which will further offer more value to those that invest in my work.



Visit my Opensea account or my TryShowtime account for a list of my current NFTs for sale.