My paintings are inspired by nature, travel, and the colors of Appalachia, Europe, and Mexico. I create my artwork using cold wax medium, oil paint, pigments, wood ash, sand, and other materials. I consider my art to be contemporary and post-impressionism. 

My work is often about our connectivity to not only the world and nature, but with one another. I often use color and texture as a way to provoke strong emotions and to sometimes instill calmness, desire, aversion, or tension. Light and architecture play an important part in how I create a sense of place, and hopefully it’s these places where a viewer can connect, discover, explore, and take on a journey.

Currently, I am exploring how new technology can be used to actively engage the viewer. I feel the world is currently at the cutting edge with a digital revolution and I have a strong interest in exploring how various technologies can be incorporated into my artwork to enhance the viewers experience. My paintings can now tell an additional story using AR (Augmented Reality) components which include video, sound design (that I have captured around the world), and other digital and animated elements that I personally create.