Jaime Byrd painter painting oil and cold wax in art studio Asheville, NC

My paintings are inspired by nature, travel, other artists, and the colors of Appalachia, Europe, and Mexico. I create my artwork using cold wax medium, oil paint, pigments, wood ash, sand, and other materials. I choose these materials for their willingness to be transformed, both in form and texture, making it a perfect medium to allow me to explore and dig back into the layers revealing more color and light beneath the top surfaces.

It is also color and texture that I use as a way to provoke strong emotions. I use color to sometimes instill calmness, desire, aversion, or tension. Light and architecture play an important part in how I create a sense of place, and hopefully it’s these places where a viewer can connect, discover, explore, and take on a journey. 

Currently, I am exploring how new technology can be used to actively engage the viewer. I feel the world is currently at the cutting edge with a digital revolution and my goal is to explore how various technologies can be incorporated into my artwork to enhance the viewers experience. I have been a storyteller for most of my life and my artwork is no different. My paintings can now tell an additional story using AR (augmented reality) components including video, sound design, and other digital and animated elements. I’m on an adventure to find more ways to innovative the way we experience artwork.

Abstract oil and cold wax colorful painting by Jaime Byrd on magazine cover