Augmented Reality Artwork

by Jaime Byrd

Jaime’s AR (Augmented Reality) work is an immersive art experience combining her paintings, filmmaking, animation, music, and sound design.  Artwork will come to life or tell a special story that she has created with motion and sound when viewed using a smart phone or tablet along with the free online app, “ARTIVIVE”. 

“I do not use an app to create my work. I do however, use an app to VIEW my work once it’s completed.
For over 15 years I have been working as a professional film editor for movies and television – which includes a lot of work with special effects and years of experience in sound design. Once I decide if a painting will have some kind of  AR created, I spend time designing and mapping out what I will create for that painting. Then I use professional editing software to create special effects, animation, and sometimes using footage I have shot from around the world. After that I take special sound effects that I’ve been collecting for years to create a soundscape that sometimes includes music. You can say that each AR painting is actually TWO completely different pieces of artwork that I have created into one.

It’s about falling into one of my paintings and spending time in a place where I often go in my own mind – a place where I can relax and relieve anxiety through difficult times. I hope the viewer will be able to experience a similar effect”. 
– Jaime Byrd

Try the AR now by downloading the ARTIVIVE app, and pointing your phone or tablet camera at the AR painting images on another screen.