Augmented Reality Artwork

by Jaime Byrd

Jaime Byrd’s multimedia creations are truly mesmerizing. Drawing on her background as an Emmy-nominated film editor, her paintings burst to life with dynamic movement and captivating sound. By incorporating actual movies she has created into her artwork using footage and sound effects captured during her global travels, Jaime blurs the boundaries between painting and film. Through the use of Augmented Reality technology, viewers are transported into a whole new dimension where art and technology intertwine in stunning harmony.

To witness the magic firsthand, one can embrace the cutting-edge possibilities of Augmented Reality technology by downloading a free app on your mobile device, and then gain access to an immersive experience where the paintings come alive before your eyes. Transport yourself into a realm where imagination takes flight, blurring the boundaries between art and cinema.

Prepare to be astounded as you witness paintings seamlessly transitioning into a realm of motion and watch art transcends its static form and embraces the realm of dynamic storytelling.

See her AR creations now by downloading the ARTIVIVE app, and pointing your phone or tablet camera at the AR painting images on another screen.